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Abrar denounces mothers, then sings ‘Baby Shark’ at PTI convention

A video has gone viral in which singer Abrar ul Haq sings Baby Shark, a trending children’s song, at the PTI convention for their three-year performance.
He also gave his opinion on Pakistani women who he said were being careless bringing up their children. He recalled his childhood and said that mothers would recite the Kalima to put their children to sleep.

The irony, is of course, that as an adult he is singing Baby Shark, a song that became popular after it was remixed by Seoul production company Pinkfong.  

Abrar ul Haq added that young women have handed over cellphones to their children and the only thing they play is “Baby Shark.” To demonstrate, he actually sang the children’s song which couldn’t stop the audience from bursting into laughter.

Baby Shark is a popular song for children across the globe. It came out in 2016 and since then many covers of the song have been created in different languages.

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