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Junaid Safdar opens up about his hidden singing talent

  • Junaid speaks about his singing video from his nikkah reception that went viral.
  • The newlywed groom says he never took any singing classes.
  • Junaid is a big Muhammad Rafi fan and admirer of his song, kya hua tera waada.

PML-N Vice President Maryam Nawaz’s son Junaid Safdar, who has recently been married in London, recently became the talk of the town after a video of him singing at his nikkah reception went viral. 

Seeing the response he has received from all echelons of society, Junaid has finally opened up about his singing skills.

In a conversation with a news website, The Current, Junaid said that he has never taken any singing or music classes and his “inclination towards music is natural.”

Speaking about singing the Bollywood song “kya hua tera waada at his wedding reception, Junaid revealed that he is a Muhammad Rafi fan. He said that he has been listening to the song since his childhood and is a great admirer of it.

The video of Junaid crooning the famous song at his wedding reception had gone viral on social media platforms soon after he posted it on his Instagram handle yesterday.

Junaid has been married to former politician Saif-ur-Rehman’s daughter, Aisha Saif Khan, on Sunday during a private ceremony at the luxurious Lanesborough Hotel in London.

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