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Nadia Hussain answers if wife’s duty is to ‘serve’ her husband: ‘Not at all!’

Model Nadia Hussain does not let society school her on her responsibilities as a wife.

The mother-of-two recently appeared in an interview with a media outlet where she clearly stated her responsibility towards her husband is of a life partner, not of a mother.

When asked if it’s a woman’s duty to serve her husband, Hussain said, “No, not at all!”

The host was quick to ask the follow-up question.

“Then what is her responsibility? Have you never done domestic work for him?” Hussain without thinking twice replied, “Why should I? He’s not my child, he’s my life partner.”

The host went on to ask, “But in our society, men are brought up with liberties like mothers doing their work, serving them food, sisters bringing them water…” To this Hussain intervened, “And that’s wrong; I do not condone it [male privilege] and I am not raising my kids with it.”

When the host asked if her husband ever asks her to bring water, what would she do, Hussain said she does not mind.

“That’s completely fine. But to demand and to expect a woman to come home from work and serve her husband is wrong.”

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