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Friday, September 30, 2022

The Most Embarrassing Red Carpet Moments Caught On Tape

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Celebrities are only mortals like the rest of us. They are not immune to embarrassing moments! In fact, you might even say that it is even worse for them. After all, the tabloid will be all over their mistakes. There is no way to erase the headlines once the stories have been published. Most of these stories are nothing more than awkward encounters brought about by bad timing. However, it is always nice to see that they are only humans. We hope that this list will make them seem more relatable!

Elsa Hosk Recovered On The Red Carpet

In the past, this Swedish model has worked for Victoria’s Secret and other brands. In 2019, she had been at a film festival in Venice when she suffered a wardrobe malfunction. One of her earrings fell out onto the red carpet, so she had to crouch down and pick it up. It can be hard to demonstrate grace when you are in this position, even if you are a model. She had been wearing high heels and a skirt with a long slit at the time. At the very least, she made it seem effortless as she bent down and put it back on.

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